My Interpretation Of Various Rights

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I made this my last post in hope the other posts would generate some interest. Also, thinking this would be the post that would bring the most comments I wanted to have everything else behind us.

Let me say once again the thoughts and opinions posted to this blog are just that, thoughts and opinions. Having said that here is my understanding as to what PLR, MRR, RR and Give Away Rights are.


First – Give Away Rights

This is pretty simple and straight forward. You can give it away. You can not sell it, post it to your web site or use it as blog content. You can not edit or modify it in any way. In short, you can give it away free, nothing else.


Second – Resell Rights

This is pretty simple as well. You can sell this product and keep all of the money for yourself. Some resell rights licenses will dictate the minimum price you may charge if you sell it. In most cases you can give it away but some do not allow that. Some may also limit the sale of the product on dime sales, fire sales or auction sites. These rights can be fairly restrictive since the product still belongs to the author. All you really have the right to do is sell it under the author’s guidelines and keep the money. Not a bad deal if the product and the sales page are of quality content


Third – Master Resell Rights

This is where it starts getting a little confusing but remember this section is “my understanding” of what the industry standard should be for each of these rights. Since this includes quite a bit more than Give Away or Resell Rights I will list the rights below.

  • Can edit sales material
  • Can be sold at any price you want to
  • Can be added to paid membership site
  • Can be packaged with other products
  • Can be broken down and sold separately
  • Can be used as web or blog content
  • Can be offered as a bonus to a paid product
  • Can be packaged with other products
  • Can be used as an e-course or autoresponder
  • Can be published offline


In some cases you may be limited as to if the product may be added to a FREE membership site or not as that would not entail a sale of any kind.

My opinion of MRR is that you should be allowed to do whatever you desire with the product with a few exceptions which are as follows

  • Can not be given away unless allowed in the rights
  • Can not edit the product
  • Can not put your name as author
  • Can not claim copyright


Fourth – Private Label Rights

As I have said this area is strictly what I think the industry standard for each of these rights should be. I am however bringing some outside sources into this discussion. It is a well known fact that Jimmy D. Brown introduced the very first PLR products to the Internet several years ago. I just purchased a PLR package from him and I am including his statement of rights as my own. By the way Jimmy is without a doubt the person you need to learn from if you are serious about making money on the Internet. Here is how he presents his PLR.

  • Edit the content.
    You may edit the content in any of the PLR reports above. You can add more information, extract information, combine it with other information and create your own original infoproducts to sell. Extract ezine articles, create rebrandable reports, blog posts, autoresponder mailings and so much more.
  • Sell the content
    Yes, each of the items above is a highly marketable product. You can begin selling them as they are right away, as long as you don’t claim authorship or include my name. You can edit them to make them into your own original products as well.
  • Record the information and sell it.
    Another idea is to record yourself (or hire a professional) reading the content and create your own .mp3 audio products to sell online as a premium product. Or, burn your recordings to CD and create your own physical products.
  • Add the content to a membership site.
    The content in these packages are full of useful information. Any of it would be a valued asset in a marketing or business membership site. If you break these down into article format, you can have years of content ready to add week after week.
  • Create an online e-coaching program.
    Incorporate these materials as part of an e-coaching program as handouts or supplements, or use them as the backbone of the information you share in your e-coaching program. Make a few “assignments” based around these and you’d have a high-ticket offer in place.
  • Host a webinar.
    Use the content in this package as a starting point for a webinar or teleseminar. This would include both free calls to use as lead generators to sell other offers, or as featured paid events to generate revenue.
  • Host a live seminar in your community.
    Contact your local Chamber of Commerce. Put together a seminar and teach marketing tactics, using these documents as your training materials. Charge $100 or more per seat and host a seminar each month.
  • Niche them up!
    Edit these for any industry you’re in. Customize them for your readers. There is a lot of information here that can be custom-tailored to non-marketing communities for fresh offers.
  • Give them to your Affiliates.
    Need training for your affiliate program? It’s already done for you. Simply turn these materials into pdfs and add several of them to your affiliate center. You’ll train your affiliates to make more money for you. Or, convert some of them into rebrandable reports.
  • Use them yourself .
    Of course, you can also read these amazing resources and put the information to use in your own business! Where else can you get an internet marketing education WITH PLR rights for a fraction of the cost of the products themselves?! (Hint: It’s a no-brainer.)


Now, this is what you might see as a normal PLR offer license

  • Can be edited completely or partially
  • Can put your name as the author
  • Can be broken down into articles
  • Can be used as web or e-zine content
  • Can be added into membership sites
  • Can be sold in any format
  • Can be packaged with other products
  • Can be offered as a bonus
  • Can be given away (in any format)
  • Can be sold on auction sites
  • Can offer (Master) Resell Rights
  • Can resell Private Label Rights
  • Can be published offline
  • Can be added to an e-course or autoresponder
  • Can be offered through auction sites


The only time I could see any restrictions being put on a PLR product would be if the original author restricted the resell of PLR to your customer. This is done to keep the number of people selling PLR to a certain limit. I have no problem with this restriction as it not only protects the original author it protects those who purchase the PLR by limiting the competition.

After making the above statement I believe there may be one other viable restriction that may be placed on PLR. That would be if the content is altered the original authors name MUST be removed from the product. This keeps the original author from being linked to any misinformation that may be added to the product. The opposite would also be acceptable. If the content is NOT altered the original authors name MUST be left on the product. This would keep anyone from taking credit for someone else’s work.

In my opinion if someone is selling a PLR product once you make the purchase the product belongs to you to do with as you please. As I have stated numerous times the examples in this section of the blog are strictly my opinion of what the industry standard of these rights should be. They are not, at this time, the industry standard and until which time there is an industry standard we will all be required to abide by whatever restrictions are applied to the product not what we think is applied to the product.