Welcome to PLR Explained

First let me introduce myself and explain to you very quickly what I hope to accomplish with this blog.

My name is Clyde Reid and I have been involved in Internet Marketing for quite some time, mostly behind the scenes. I hold a Doctorate Degree in Pastoral Psychology so you may hear a little Bible once in a while but, I will not preach, that is not what this blog is about.

I have been involved with Private Label Rights (PLR), Master Resell Rights (MRR), Resell Rights (RR) and Give Away Rights a lot in the last year or so. The more products I review and/or purchase the more I see people saying one thing and offering another. What I mean by this is; you read a sales page offering a product with PLR but when you download it you find the rights are not what you had expected as PLR.

I choose to believe these people are not telling a lie to make the sale. I choose to believe there is no Industry Standard for the definitions of the type rights people wish to convey. It is my desire, through this blog and your input, to establish such a standard. In my next two posts will explain my understanding of these rights as well as what I have received when I have purchased these rights.

Although this blog will not be moderated in the beginning I do reserve the right to insure posts always pertain to the subject. Comments may be removed if they do not pertain to the subject. No ones post will be rejected simply because I do not agree. Please do keep in mind that I am a Christian so I will not allow any fowl language or any attacks on anyone on this blog. Other than that, as long as you are submitting a comment pertaining to the subject matter your post will remain. Thank you in advance for your participation and your understanding.

I will do my best to make pertinent post at least once weekly. I will also be inviting some people who have been influential in the info product and rights area to post some information so please tell your friends and come back often.

Each time I make a new post it will be on a new page. I have decided to do this to help insure the comment threads are pertinent to the particular post. I appreciate your understanding and help in this matter.